RHEGION TRAVEL is an Italian Tour Operator specialized in the incoming across Italy and in the highly qualified planning of cultural, food and wine, religious and naturalistic tours within all the Italian regions.

Rhegion Travel was founded in 1983 thanks to the idea of Giuseppe Nucera, a young graduate coming from a small town on the foot of Aspromonte where Ancient Greek is still widely spoken, hence the name Rhegion which means Reggio in Greek from the namesake Calabrian town where Rhegion Travel’s headquarter is based.
The published travel proposals are the result of a multiyear experience in the Italian tourism sector and are addressed to demanding travellers who are after the discovery of traditions, religious practices, typical habits, dances, food specialties, fishing but also adventure, trekking, archeology and all those treasures which are part of the Italian artistic heritage.

Rhegion Travel also offers seaside holidays in the Touristic Villages Costa Blu http://www.costabluresidence.it/en/ and Borgo degli Ulivi www.villaggioborgodegliulivi.it/eng/ and in the residences Villa Isa and Molino Monacelli Country House.

The legal and administrative headquarter is based in Reggio Calabria whilst the commercial office is in Milan.
Rhegion Travel’s catalogs:
  • Calabria Mare, for all those families who wish to spend enjoyable holidays in qualified villages right next to the sea; 
  • La Bella Età, for our third age regular customers who choose Calabria and Sicily to taste the great flavors of these traditional cuisines and to appreciate the natural beauties of these unique southern regions;
  • Confidenziale Gruppi, addressed to groups that wish to discover the South of Italy through cultural, food and wine, religious and fishing tours in addition to other travel options tailored to show the whole region;
  • Calabria e la Bella Italia, addressed to Russian tourists and drawn up in their own language.
Rhegion Travel has always stood for :

Rhegion Travel boasts a thirty-year experience in the tourist sector. It proposes a highly specialized level of selected products and guarantees quality and professionalism.
Rhegion Travel directly knows the holiday accommodations on offer. With many of them, it shares a continual and long-standing relationship and, when needed, is able to promptly provide an alternative solution to that previously booked.
Rhegion Travel is based in Calabria. It offers to its customers a 24/7 active cellphone number in case of problems and to settle any complication which may arise.
Only 9 beaches in Calabria
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