Giuseppe Nucera
Sole Administrator
In 1980, Giuseppe begins working in the social tourism sector. In 1983 he founds Tourist Services Srl with the trademark Rhegion Travel from the Greek name of his hometown and commences the †Tour Operator activity by printing the first catalogs. He promotes the brand image of Calabria in Italy and overseas. In 1995 he offers the first charter flights† from Mosca to Lamezia Terme. Thanks to this activity, he brings typical Calabrian products such as sword fishes and cultural Greek-Byzantine-Norman tours to the knowledge of tourists. During the following years he directly switches from intermediation to the management of touristic accommodations and finally purchases two touristic villages in Sellia Marina. What countries did you visit? “All 4 continents but Australia……Betty, prepare your luggage!”.
Elisabetta Pulino
Elisabetta has always believed in the idea of Rhegion Travel. “This firm was born as a result of the great passion for travels…any chance of travelling was promptly seized”. Betty, especially after leaving her position at a bank, actively cooperates with Rhegion Travel offering her precious experience for the administration and accounting of the organization as well as for the running of touristic villages and the advertising campaigns produced by Rhegion Travel. “I have been to Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, US, Florida, Caribbean countries, Argentina, and obviously I know several Central and Eastern European countries as well as the never-ending beauties of Italy”.
Simona Nucera
Travel Consultant
Simona lives and travels between Los Angeles, London and Bali, where she currently works as a designer for Blu Sima, an ethical and ecofriendly fashion-related project. In her family-owned business ,Simona starts working in the Reggio-based office as long-range travel expert and today† she is at Borgo degli Ulivi for the summer season. "I wish that Borgo degli Ulivi will become an† eco-resort for a clientele that love nature †and peacefulness. Surrounded by nature and offering local and vegetarian food as an alternative, meditation activities and yoga, care and well-being for individuals a few steps away from the sea. My objective is: transforming our village during the next seasons: paving the way to something new for our business but especially for our customers”.
Expert in off-road travels, adventure, organic yoga, Simona can be spotted on the coasts of California inside a shop selling Balinese incenses, on the dusty roads of India or in the trendy outskirts of London or practicing yoga on the stunning beach of† Borgo degli Ulivi.
The world is her favorite destination and she is never bored of travelling around it.
Follow our blog†www.girlsenroute.com written by her and other travel companions.
Ilaria Nucera
Molino Monacelli Country House
Ilaria starts working in the tourism sector during her adolescence by frequenting Rhegion Travel and giving an important contribution during the summer seasons. After achieving a Bachelor degree in Public Relations at University IULM in Milan, she specializes in Event and Congress Management thanks especially to the experience gained at Boscolo Hotels where she worked as Sales&Congress Assistant and during the summer seasons when she cooperates in the management of the touristic villages run by Rhegion Travel. In 2008, together with her husband, she devotes her time to the renovation of an old family farmhouse brought back to its ancient splendour. Surrounded by the peaceful countryside of Fano, in the beautiful region of Marche only 2 km away from the sea, Molino Monacelli is a country house with rooms, breakfast service and apartments, ideal to host seminars and theme activities within a rural and welcoming environment. Rhegion Travel promotes Molino Monacelli House for a clientele wishing to rediscover the local foods and traditions,† a friendly, music-loving and environmentally-friendly clientele willing to taste a good glass of wine.
Marilý Nucera
Commercial Manager
After a working experience within a renowned consultancy firm operating in the financial sector, Marilý became part of Rhegion Travel in May 2010. She collaborates from the Milan-based office and she is mainly accountable for group travels, even tailored for third-age customers, and incoming in Calabria and Sicily and for the administration of the firm. ”My first travel? Since I was a child I constantly travelled with my family, however the best memory I have is the travel with my sisters in Ireland, I was 12 and my sister Simona 17…It was just us without any group or tour operator, just us! It was an amazing experience, it gave me a lot of independence. Specialized in: Calabria, Sicily, Europe, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, California, New York, Florida, Caribbean countries.
Only 9 beaches in Calabria
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